It has been an inexcusable seven months since my last post here. Terrible. I have in fact written three blogs in that time, all of which were swept from the priority pile by other urgent attendances or put in the “upload when we next find internet” pile and swiftly forgotten about.
So I hereby extend the humblest of apologies for my neglect and tardiness in regards to this particular corner of my internet abode.
Right. Now that’s out of the way, I’m not quite sure where to begin in waxing lyrical about what has been a spectacular year so far. I was racking my brains this week trying to pinpoint a better year in my life thus far, and happily failed.

My first foray into Europe is going very well. As I type this, ‘Flags’ has debuted at #6 on the German albums chart, the highest new entry. We had a very fun debut tour of Europe in March-April and I’m very much looking forward to an extended and full band return to France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, UK & Ireland for shows throughout September-October.
I love Europe. It’s refreshing, stimulating, inspiring and like a touring sorbet of sorts, refreshing me between courses. I am still pinching myself that things are going so well in such a wonderful place, and aware that there is lots of work to be done! ‘Albertine’, my second album, was released in four countries. ‘Flags’, by the time it is out everywhere, will have been released in over 30 countries (probably closer to 40), including a number of nations in Asia, where I’m looking forward to touring for the first time next month.
It highlights the responsibility and great thrill it is to be a songwriter, and I’m already looking ahead to album #4 and preparing to get writing, with the lessons I learned from the somewhat difficult conception of ‘Flags’ under my belt.
At the end of our autumnal Europe tour I’ll be heading to a continent close to my heart: Africa.
During my Charity:Water birthday campaign at the end of 2010, you crazy people gave close to US$55,000 to build wells, bringing clean water to communities in need in developing nations. I told Charity:Water that I wanted this resource to go to communities where the need is most urgent.
I’m excited to announce that these wells are in the pre-build planning stages and will be constructed in Ethiopia. I will be heading there in October to see the well-sites and report back to you with images and video. Needless to say, I already know this is going to be a highight of 2011 for me and also a new experience as I’ve never been to Ethiopia before. Whilst all this is happening, my commitment to Rwanda continues and I’m currently waiting on feedback from our partner organisation in Rwanda about ongoing needs in communities there and, looking ahead, what we can do.
So with that I believe you’re pretty much updated. I’m going to power down now and see if my guitar has any songs to share with me.
Now that this seven-month ice breaker blog is up, the entries will be more frequent and more random.
Grateful for all of you!


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18 Responses to ::HELLO AGAIN

  1. Hans says:

    You Brooke are amazing. Please bring me with you when you go to Ethiopia! :)

  2. Ally says:

    It sounds like everything is going great for you! Your album “flags” was incredible! I actually went to Austin back in November 2010 to see you, live in concert, for my birthday! As always you never cease to amaze me! It had been one of my dreams (you know the kind of dream that starts with “one day….”) to see you live in concert! Well it came true :)
    Anyways, I look forward to hearing more from you and your blogs!

  3. Ally says:

    Oh and by the way, have you ever heard of a website called “pinterest?” You can “catalog the things you love.”

  4. Susan says:

    A whisper of album # 4?? you made my day!!–happy songwriting!!–p.s.–is there a stop in Canada anytime soon??–please :)

  5. sabrina says:

    Brooke Fraser your awesome!

  6. Meli says:

    Brooke I wanna know if u come to chile in the tour with hillsong? xx

  7. Meli says:

    Brooke I wanna know if u come to chile in the tour with hillsong? xx

  8. Francina says:

    So proud of you for the work you are doing not only with Charity: Water, but with the album also. Touring in Hong Kong? Man that’s awesome!!!!!!
    I wish you really the best, and most of all that you keep being fulfill with happiness in all that you are doing.
    Keep posting and writing….
    Much love

  9. Talitha says:

    oh, please take me with you to Ethiopia! Can’t wait to see you on tour in september in Germany and the Netherlands!!

    So glad that you have such an success with Flags! EXCITED for album #4!

    May God bless you even more my friend!


  10. Hazel says:

    Brooke, you are awesome, I love the work you do. Come to Malaysia! God bless you abundantly. You make great music. Continue doing so. :)

  11. Tulio says:

    Please, send me the lyrics of “Sparks” and “May Waltz”. I bought the book (I’m from Brazil and thats why were very expensive), listened the EP but I didn’t found the lyrics in the book, and my english level don’t allow me understand the message.
    I’m begging. 😀

    P.S.: An idea. You could do a track by track interview. I at least, would love.
    thanks for all

  12. Brielle says:

    Brooke i agree with Susan, please come to Canada, Vancouver preferably.
    Yes i’m ecxited for your #4 album too. Have you started it yet?
    Glad to see your blogging again! Enjoy your summer-Brielle

  13. kacie says:

    we missed you, gal. :-)

  14. DonnaE says:

    Hey Brooke!

    Please settle our household arguments…are these the correct lyrics for “who are we fooling”? (which is, by the way, the most painfully accurate portrayal of marriage! – thanks for that!)

    Turned twenty one on the day that we met
    Terrible shoes – implausible dress,
    It’s funny how sad the funny things get as you grow older

    I learned the art of biting my tongue
    I tired of trying to guess what was wrong
    Both agreed on where we should go
    But not how to get there

    Thanks so much!
    DonnaE and the brawling daughters!!!

  15. Arielle says:

    Brooke you are a person few and far between… such an inspiration! Hope to see you in the SF Bay Area again soon!
    Btw, I added this to Wikipedia on your behalf … “Brooke Fraser performed an acoustic cover of “Violet Hill” live on RadioHamburgOnline. See her brilliant performance(s) on Youtube.

    God bless you,

  16. Ruth says:

    So excited about all these amazing things that you have accomplished, and are yet to accomplish. Can’t wait to see images and videos from Ethiopia. Any chance you’ll be coming back to Canada? Toronto, Ontario? We would be glad to have you, again :)

    God bless

  17. Cesia says:

    Brooke! kisses from Argentina! Blessings!

  18. Marcos Vieira says:

    How I love your vocabulary, It amazes me! I teach English in Brazil and, when I get to read some of your stuff, I always turn to Google Translator, ha. Looking forward to reading more from you,


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