::SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Show 5th DEC 2010

It was a wet one!

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10 Responses to ::SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Show 5th DEC 2010

  1. Penny says:

    Is it just me or is that a tattoo on the back of Brooke’s neck? The pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Frankie says:

    Brooke you dress like such a hippie….. i love it though so awesome…..!!!! weird sometimes bt u manage to pull it off by just being awesome…..!!!

  3. Yani says:

    I was there and Loved it =)… I almost got lost because i used public transportation to get there, so it took me about an hr TO and an hr BACK… but it was So worth it. Thank you for writing the songs that interpret my feelings. You are awesome =)

  4. Diana says:

    Brooke and her band are so freakin’ legit. They sounded awesome in SF. I was squeezed in a little corner in the front row and it was hard not to bob my head along or feel like dancing on some of the songs. It was funny seeing other people in the front row just staring at Brooke who was really only five feet away from most of us; must have been awkward but I totally get it.

    I was at her sit-down show at Slim’s in 2008 and I definitely prefer Cafe Du Nord. It was sweaty and crowded but it felt more intimate and I literally felt the music!

    Thanks for always stopping by SF, Brooke!

  5. Kang-a-roo says:

    Fabulous show. Hope the streaking Santa didn’t put you off from SF because we want you back!

  6. Sum says:

    I can never get enough of your pictures. Martin guitars are my favourite! Your blog post totally influenced my decision on getting one. There’s really a piano named after a mode?!

  7. BO XIONG says:

    Brooke, I think you need a lookbook. Take more pictures of the outfits you wear to perform. LOVE, LOVE THEM ALL.

  8. jho says:

    i love you brooke ..
    as simple as that ..

  9. Vincent says:

    haha you are such an awesome artist……loved hearing about your…scab collection hahahah but you made the concert interesting, it shows that you love the people you sing to and your songs are oriented around the people you’ve met in your life. psttttt…it would be awesome if you released a Christian pop album..just saying :-)

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