::LOS ANGELES, CA – Show 2nd DEC 2010

Photos by Andy Barron :)

Our good friend Andy documented our evening at the El Rey for us… My favourite picture is the one of me looking at our coffee table book, fresh off the boat. There were countless sleepless nights spent on this thing and even though it arrived six weeks late, that made the first holding of it all the sweeter (to all of you who ordered the book online at our store, the first shipment has gone entirely to fulfilling your orders so they are literally in the mail right now). It comes with a “Making Of Flags” documentary and a 10″ vinyl of exclusive tracks, is super touchable and personal, and I think it’s the coolest thing we’ve ever done. I might do a separate blog post about it featuring some of the pages – will be fun to give you a looksy inside!

I loved playing L.A. again. Sydney is home but work sees me spending more time in Los Angeles at the moment and we have many dear friends who live here, aswell as the band and all the beautiful people who have worked on my last two records with me, so in some ways L.A. will always be our U.S. “hometown” show.

Clothes notes: All Saints jeans, Dimepiece Tee, Topshop cardigan, Kathryn Wilson boots

Clothes notes: As above, but with Topshop feather shoulder crop jacket (so Jonsi right now)

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26 Responses to ::LOS ANGELES, CA – Show 2nd DEC 2010

  1. Francina says:

    very cool!

  2. James says:

    AWESOME show last night!!! thank you!!!

  3. Sabrina ♥ says:

    You look Gorgeouss Brooke ! ♥♥

  4. Jennifer says:

    brooke ! thank you so much for the show last night :) i loved it !!! and thank you for taking a picture with me… 3 times-_ – ahahahaha and i LOVE your feather top :)

  5. Sum says:

    I lurve all your outfits. If I had a double life, I would love to be you.

  6. Susan Yu says:

    you were awesome at the el rey. i have got to say..if i HAD to choose one fav. song from that night..it has got to be Flags..totally felt that song when you sang it. even though i liked all the songs, i think i felt Flags the most. you’ll always be my inspiration. thanks for always having wonderful stories to share :)
    and i was so happy to have met you again. you’re such a sweetheart :)
    i hope the rest of your tour will be a blast. i hope to see you in LA again. i’ll have to catch at least one Lakers game before i see you again…LOL take cares brooke.

  7. Lily says:

    You should do more post like the one where you showed witch music you listen to right now ! I loved all the albums you showed us : )

    Thank you Brooke !

  8. Michelle says:

    brooke, it was so great to hear you sing. you are so inspiring and amazing and i am thankful that i got an opportunity to meet you (albiet, briefly) after the show and use my last polaroid haha.
    what you said before flags was so encouraging, thank you thank you.
    &i hope you enjoyed the cupcakes, i am SO curious to know what the green tea ones tasted like. hmm. and you should def keep tweeting, ask for a pony next time! who knowws what’ll happen? hahah
    keep up the amazing work.

  9. Sayra Rodriguez says:

    what kinds of microphones do you use? and the effects you use with them are awesome!!

  10. Kelli says:

    My coffee table book came today, just a day (or maybe a few days) after the shipping announcement. Too bad I can’t look at it until Christmas! I’m so excited to open and enjoy it! thanks Brooke! I hope that you’ll come to Utah one day. :]

  11. Catherine says:

    Thanks for coming out to LA! I completely loved it, and your stories are hilarious. You sang all of my favorite songs (C.S. Lewis Song, Flags, Crows & Locusts), and you made it seem so effortless! Hope your birthday wish comes true with charity:water. <3

  12. kacie says:

    andy is legit. great photos!

  13. schiavo75 says:

    Brooke! You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen :) both inside and out

  14. jho says:


  15. Albert says:

    Thanks for the concert Brooke! It was fun and moving at the same time.

    Have a good one for the rest of the tour!

  16. Steffanie says:

    I would love to see the inside of the book! I am thinking that my boyfriend may be getting it for my Christmas? :) Please show us!

  17. Katiti says:

    Wow, Andy Barron is incredible! I think I saw his name in movie credits once…

    Flags ain’t gonna stop rising!

  18. Tafadzwa Razemba says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I know Zimbabwe is far, but please come… You have so many fans in this small African country.

  19. yesica says:

    wow i love the show ..brooke is so carming and my role model :)

  20. Tara Bowles says:

    Wow. This show was utterly fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for your energy, spunk, sass, and talent. I look forward to seeing you perform again!

  21. Sophie says:

    Hi Brooke!
    Thanks for this blog! I wanted to come to your LA concert badly but I had classes :( Well, I’m sure it was fun. I hope you can do more Southern CA concerts in the future! Wouldn’t miss it next time :) Well, Merry Christmas!

  22. jen says:

    glorious pictchas!

    brooke, please please come to FL. anywhere in FL. I will travel far and wide.

    pretty please with sugar on top?

    ♥ j

  23. Brielle says:


  24. Brielle says:

    Brooke, i know you may not get this but can you answer one of my questions? Who is the girl that took your official photos? I think you said her first name was Nira?????
    I love her photographey, and as i said before, i’m stuying to be one so i’m keepig a close eye on the diffrnent kinds of photographers.
    Can you reply to this comment by commenting?Haha???
    Thks if you ever get this!

  25. schwetzingen says:

    one word…AWESOME!

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