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Thanks and love to Charity:Water for their life-changing work, captured in part in this footage. What a privilege it has been to be involved with such amazing people and meaningful work. To donate your birthday too and raise money for clean water projects, visit http://www.mycharitywater.org

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Brooke’s 27th Birthday Charity:Water Campaign, One Year Later…

Charity:Water is an organisation with a simple message and mandate: to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. I came across it a couple of years ago when a friend of mine ‘donated’ his birthday to the charity, asking for donations to in lieu of the usual socks and man-gifts. I thought it was a brilliant idea and loved the way Charity:Water made it incredibly easy/simple/attractive to ‘give’ your birthday and make a difference. You create a personalised campaign webpage attached to the Charity:Water website (www.charitywater.org) where your friends can donate online, leave you a birthday message and immediately see the progress bar boost further toward it’s monetary goal whilst a box next to that shows you how many people are going to be able to served by what has been donated so far.

So the next birthday I had, I decided to create my own birthday campaign but invite not only my friends and family to contribute, but all my fans around the world.

That was a year ago almost to the day and by the time the campaign wrapped up, YOU AMAZING PEOPLE had given over $50,000 to the clean water cause. (You can see my closed campaign at www.mycharitywater.org/brookefraser .)

Usually the turnaround time between the close of a campaign and the opening of its resulting projects is 18 months or so, but Charity:Water and their partners fast-tracked two projects so that I could report back to you within the 12 month mark.

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Brooke’s 27th Birthday Charity:Water Campaign, One Year Later…


SHALLOW BOREHOLE, Project # G11-RE-00648

Tsefsef Mai-Mindal is a village in a remote part of Tigray in Ethiopia. We ‘road surfed’ many hours in 4WDs to reach it, and upon our arrival Scott Harrison (founder of Charity:Water) told us that the people of this community had been so desperate for clean water that they had literally dug out and built the road required in order for the drilling rig to reach the village and be able to drill the well.

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It has been an inexcusable seven months since my last post here. Terrible. I have in fact written three blogs in that time, all of which were swept from the priority pile by other urgent attendances or put in the “upload when we next find internet” pile and swiftly forgotten about.
So I hereby extend the humblest of apologies for my neglect and tardiness in regards to this particular corner of my internet abode.
Right. Now that’s out of the way, I’m not quite sure where to begin in waxing lyrical about what has been a spectacular year so far. I was racking my brains this week trying to pinpoint a better year in my life thus far, and happily failed.
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:: HAMMING IT UP (Merry Christmas!)

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Alrighty my wee elves!

Christmas is upon us, and before I scive off on holidays laying out (in SPF30) on anonymous beaches with a fine assortment of my favourite people and their ridiculously yummy babies (Aunty Brooke is always good for a cuddle), I thought I’d share a wee bit of my Christmas trads with you… and you know me, of course it’s going to be food related.

As you know, our Southern Hemisphere Christmas is a summer one, which means an eclectic collection of food… We feast on gorgeous summer salads, roast veges w. balsamic (served hot or cold), and trad. dishes like a good hunk o’ ham. Desserts are whatever people bring – usually things like pavlova, eton mess, something chocolatey, something custardy and occasionally the odd Christmas Cake (though I can’t stand the stuff).

Today I’m sharing with you my favourite favourite favourite ham recipe. It is to. die. for. and so easy that it’s kind of unfair.
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::SEATTLE, WA – Show 8th DEC 2010

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::PORTLAND, OR – Show 7th DEC 2010

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Portland is like that person in your life who has casual swagger and effortless cool whilst at the same time being kind, genuine, thoughtful, a whiz in the kitchen and a bloody amazing barista. You want to borrow their jacket and sniff their hair when they’re not looking.

Edible highlights: Ping (pan asian – 102 NW 4th Avenue), Gravy (3957 N. Mississippi Ave – wondrous breakfasts), Stumptown Coffee (3 locations in Portland), Voodoo Doughnuts (various locales).

That’s all we had time for this stop, but next time I’m in town I plan to visit Powell’s Books, eat at Clyde Common (“hearty peasant food”) and loiter in the lobby of Ace Hotel, or even stay there if it’s a special occasion.

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::SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Show 5th DEC 2010

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It was a wet one!
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::SANTA CRUZ, CA – Show 4th DEC 2010

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I loved this venue. An old 1940’s cinema turned music venue. We found a load of fun things to play with upstairs.

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::LOS ANGELES, CA – Show 2nd DEC 2010

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Photos by Andy Barron :)

Our good friend Andy documented our evening at the El Rey for us… My favourite picture is the one of me looking at our coffee table book, fresh off the boat. There were countless sleepless nights spent on this thing and even though it arrived six weeks late, that made the first holding of it all the sweeter (to all of you who ordered the book online at our store, the first shipment has gone entirely to fulfilling your orders so they are literally in the mail right now). It comes with a “Making Of Flags” documentary and a 10″ vinyl of exclusive tracks, is super touchable and personal, and I think it’s the coolest thing we’ve ever done. I might do a separate blog post about it featuring some of the pages – will be fun to give you a looksy inside!

I loved playing L.A. again. Sydney is home but work sees me spending more time in Los Angeles at the moment and we have many dear friends who live here, aswell as the band and all the beautiful people who have worked on my last two records with me, so in some ways L.A. will always be our U.S. “hometown” show.

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